Clomid and cervical mucos

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How Clomid a Fertility Drug Helps You Get Pregnant

December 7th, 2014 at pm Cervical mucus is an important. If you are taking Clomid for fertility and believe that it is. Normally what I have heard was that Clomid usually makes too much CM so it can be difficult for sperm to make it. But it does have its share of side effects, namely by negatively affecting your cervical mucus. to ovulate and that you are in the most fertile stage to.

How <strong>Clomid</strong> a Fertility Drug Helps You Get Pregnant

Cervical mucus when on clomid

Some birth control methods dry-up cervical mucus to further prevent pregnancy.

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Clomid can affect your cervical mucus in other ways as. When a woman's cervical mucus is hostile, that means it is too thick to allow the sperm to penetrate the cervix.

Clomid and cervical mucos:

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